I love to innovate, to organise, to put the right people together, to travel and make new connections. I’ve built a wide network of loyal clients, customers and contacts inside and outside Cyprus, and am always on the lookout for new challenges, new projects to develop and bring to fruition, new concepts to introduce to the expanding Cyprus marketplace.

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The management and expansion of TIFFANY Boutiques, a fashion trademark marking half a century of presence in the local market, lies entirely in VERA LYSSIOTI’s hands. She takes inspiration from frequent travels to fashion capitals such as Milan, Paris and New York, while buying from leading designers worldwide and ensuring that TIFFANY continues to charm its customers with the latest collections, in line with international trends.

VERA took over the management of the business alongside her mother, Myriam Lyssiotis, a fashion and business visionary, who established the original TIFFANY boutique in the capital city Nicosia. In 2013, at a crucial point in the Cyprus economy, Vera decided to open the new Limassol boutique, a sister boutique that brought new collections to a new clientele. Immediately after the Limassol boutique opening, VERA’s decision to extend the line of collaboration with Chanel by including the brand’s ready-to-wear in the boutique’s discerning high-end brand portfolio, amplified the boutique’s success as well as clientele.

Vera rejoices in continuing TIFFANY’s success and market dominance by constantly rejuvenating, upgrading and evolving it while maintaining the principles and quality that are identified with the name TIFFANY.


  • Vera Lyssiotis takes pride in her sales force, a group of women that have become a strong team and along with them there has been a spectacular increase in turnover and sales.
  • She organizes professional training for them as well as supervising the service given with an independent mystery shopper to identify weakness and strengths.
  • Events are a major part of her marketing strategy which takes a more personalized and humane approach. Events at tiffany are known for the warm and friendly atmosphere generated by the hostess who enjoys the company of clients.
  • Research into new brands is essential and a lot of research is involved.
  • Budgets and cash flows are also a big part of her responsibilities as well as handling all the teams’ affairs, timetables, bonus schemes and more.
  • Connections with international fashion personas and brand managers are her charm; the joie de vivre is what attracted them to join her events that take place every July in Limassol.
  • Organize fashion photo-shoots for Tiffany’s Boutique social media channels.
  • Issue fashion newsletters.
  • Supervising the merchandizing and general outlook for Tiffany Boutique.
  • Handling customer enquiries.



A real people’s person, a party enthusiast and highly extrovert, VERA LYSSIOTIS brought some of her traits to TIFFANY’s branding strategy. A strong believer that personal relationships are at the core of any business’ success, VERA put her energy and creativity to service by initiating a series of client-focused events including theme fashion parties, in-store public and private shopping events, luncheons and dinners with clients. Furthermore, she was the first to invite to Cyprus and to TIFFANY boutiques some of the fashion industry’s most renowned brand representatives, such as Giacomo Missoni, designers Dorothee Schumacher and Sara Roka, and luxury brand consultant Antonella Eleonora Zappa to name a few. During meticulously organized retreats, VERA created the ideal conditions for her guests to enjoy her hospitality and get to know the island’s rich culture, while enjoying the opportunity to meet and chat with TIFFANY’s customers in highly successful in-store events.


Inspired by her mother’s personality and legacy, impressed by the variety of her amazing clientele, Vera Lyssiotis introduced the WOMEN FIRST project, presented every year as part of the International Women’s Day Celebrations through the TIFFANY Boutique social media platforms and website. The project brings into the spotlight 20 Cypriot women from every aspect of life, role models, free spirited women, who share their success story and achievements aiming to inspire and empower one another, while celebrating womanhood. The project photoshoot takes place annually at Miriam Lyssiotis’ residence, as a tribute to and in remembrance of her legacy.


While social distancing is a new reality, bringing together associates and friends from around the world is an act of caring that keeps us united. To upkeep this spirit of solidarity, as well as to contribute to maintaining cohesion throughout the fashion retail industry, Vera Lyssiotis brought together virtually designers and associates from around the world, who shared friendly greetings and messages of hope, love and empowerment via the TIFFANY Boutique social media platforms. These small, yet so utterly significant messages of solidarity revealed how strong and united the fashion community remains with its human capital proving once again to be the driving force through every obstacle, transformation and evolution.

“…during these challenging times, our fashion community is showing us how united and strong we are together. Now more than ever, we need to stand next to each other and face the challenges of the present with unity and positivity. We stand by you, dear friends. Thank you for your messages of hope. Your thoughtful words and greetings mean to world to us. Together we shall overcome, stronger than ever. We love you. Stay strong, stay safe.”

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