I love to innovate, to organise, to put the right people together, to travel and make new connections. I’ve built a wide network of loyal clients, customers and contacts inside and outside Cyprus, and am always on the lookout for new challenges, new projects to develop and bring to fruition, new concepts to introduce to the expanding Cyprus marketplace.

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Affiliation between PROPERTY PINS REAL ESTATE LTD and Lyssiotis Services

PROPERTYPINS REAL ESTATE LTD is a licenced real estate agency firm, established in 2019 as a full service real estate agency firm. The company’s team has vast experience in the provision of services in the real estate sector and provides a wide variety of real estate services to its customers including individual investors, homeowners and businesses.

Based in the heart of the city center, a team of professionals, assist clients in buying, selling and renting their properties across all over Cyprus. The company’s associates network expands to Greece, Middle East, Italy, UK & Central European markets.

The company’s aim is to empower customers decisions around property. With an innovative web platform www.propertypins.com.cy a cutting edge of real estate software technology is used to create a unique experience for its clients.

The company offers a wide range of properties for sale or for rental, including:

  • Residential properties – Houses, Apartments and Buildings
  • Holiday Homes – Villas and Bungalows
  • Shops and Offices
  • Land, Plots & Fields
  • Warehouses and Industrial Properties
  • Projects for investors

What makes the company to stand out is the teamwork, the trust and integrity. With a team of highly passionate, skillful and focused professionals, it aspires to connect clients to the right property and is dedicated to empowering sellers and buyers with data, inspiration and knowledge in order to rent, sell or buy a property at the right price.

For more information visit www.propertypins.com.cy