I love to innovate, to organise, to put the right people together, to travel and make new connections. I’ve built a wide network of loyal clients, customers and contacts inside and outside Cyprus, and am always on the lookout for new challenges, new projects to develop and bring to fruition, new concepts to introduce to the expanding Cyprus marketplace.

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Her involvement with the pharmaceutical and cosmetics business sectors proved to be a real eye opener for VERA LYSSIOTIS. As a representative for Aventis Pasteur Vaccines in Cyprus on behalf of her family business, she had the opportunity to attend specialized seminars in Lyons, deal with the importation of products, tendering to the Ministry of Health, and travel frequently in Lebanon, Dubai and Egypt.

New to this sector, she has managed to impress her principles and earned a huge bonus of her choice: she chose to go to Belgium to attend a one month training on human resource management.

She self-trained as well as the company’s medical representative with whom she has frequently visited doctors for first-hand knowledge of their satisfaction with Aventis Pasteur vaccines, organized dinners and seminars, attended medical exhibitions, and sent doctors to international conferences. She has acted as a successful representative of Allergen Eye Products for a number of years, while the firm has also represented Farley’s rusks and other smaller OTC and disposables.

At the appropriate time, Vera Lyssiotis found the opportunity to merge and sell the business of pharmaceuticals as she was ready for a new business chapter.

She managed the family business in representing household-name cosmetics, perfumery, sunglasses and duty free items, (such as Nina Ricci, Collistar, Escada) dealing with pharmacies, beauty salons, airports and opticians. Every year, VERA would attend the Cannes annual duty-free exhibition to find new products for the airlines and the duty free, where they had their own sales force and stand.

She has attended make up training with Nina Ricci in Paris and organized many in store promotions in pharmacies.

The peak of VERA’s involvement with the family business was overseeing its effective development, topped by the increase of sales as well as the recognition of the represented brands by their target market, a personal success she obtained through tireless work and effective strategy.